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undead warrior
level 888

• Full Warmongering Gladiator Gear & Weapons!

• Full Epic Gear: Average item lvl 880ilvl

• 8300 Achievement Points & 40 feats

• Professions: Alchemy 700/700, Engineering 700/700

• Titles: Ambassador, Challenger, Crusader, Firelord, Jenkins, of Orgrimmar, of Sen'jin, of Silvermoon, of the Ashen Verdict, of the Undercity, of Thunder Bluff, Storm's End, the Astral Walker, the Dreamer, the Explorer, the Kingslayer, the Light of Dawn, the Patient, Twilight Vanquisher.

• much more epics of lesser importance

• Mounts: Albino Drake, Amani Battle Bear, Argent Hippogryph, Armored Brown Bear, Black War Bear, Black War Kodo, Black War Mammoth, Black War Raptor, Black War Wolf, Bronze Drake, Cobalt Riding Talbuk, Cobalt War Talbuk, Drake of the West Wind, Forsaken Warhorse, Frostwolf Howler, Frosty Flying Carpet, Goblin Turbo-Trike, Great Brown Kodo, Great Gray Kodo, Great White Kodo, Green Skeletal Warhorse, Hearthsteed, Magnificent Flying Carpet, Ochre Skeletal Warhorse, Orgrimmar Wolf, Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Silver Riding Talbuk, Silver War Talbuk, Silvermoon Hawkstrider, Smoldering Ember Wyrm, Swift Blue Raptor, Swift Brown Wolf, Swift Gray Wolf, Swift Green Hawkstrider, Swift Green Wind Rider, Swift Olive Raptor, Swift Orange Raptor, Swift Pink Hawkstrider, Swift Purple Hawkstrider, Swift Purple Wind Rider, Swift Red Wind Rider, Swift Timber Wolf, Swift Warstrider, Swift Yellow Wind Rider, Swift Zhevra, Tan Riding Talbuk, Tan War Talbuk, Thunder Bluff Kodo, Warlord's Deathwheel, White Riding Talbuk, White Skeletal Warhorse, White War Talbuk, Winged Guardian, Black Hawkstrider, Black Skeletal Horse, Black Wolf, Blue Hawkstrider, Blue Skeletal Horse, Blue Wind Rider, Brown Kodo

• 2x 110 lvl characters 880ilvl Druid included & lower level alts

• 20.000g


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